RFB Woodcraft

Wood Magnetic Pin holder

Hand turned Hardwood pin/paperclip holders.  Each of the holders has a strong rare earth magnet imbedded into the back side of the pieces.  They average about 3.5 inches in diameter and are approximately 1.5 inches thick.  The magnets are permanently sealed into each piece with epoxy, ensuring they can never accidently fall out.  The picture with the numbers identifies the wood species.  #1 is Cherry, #2 Mahogony, #3 Maple, #4 Walnut, #5 Red Oak.  I also have a Spalted Maple and a White Oak available.  In the last picture the Maple is on the left, White Oak on the right.

Q. How are the cutting boards finished?

A. All boards are individually flattened and sanded smooth.  They are then treated with several coats of cutting board oil.  

Q. How should the board be cleaned?

A. Wash the board with warm soapy water, rinse, and dry immediately.  Let the board stand vertically in place with good are circulation.  Never put a wood cutting board in the dishwasher!  

Q. Is there any special treatment required for a cutting board?

A. All wood cutting boards should be treated with a good cutting board oil monthly, or more frequently if used regularly.  Mineral oil will work – but I would recommend treatment with an oil specifically formulated for wood boards.  There are a number of good ones available.  They can be found in Lowes, Home Depot, most local woodworking stores, or many are available online.

Q. What if my board is showing significant signs of wear?

A. Over time all boards will show some signs of wear.  If used primarily as a cutting board it will obviously pick up scratches and marks.  As long as it is kept clean and oiled these should cause no functional problems.  Boards can also be sanded to restore a newer look.

Q. Can feet be added to the board?

A. Yes, although experience has shown that many people like to use one side for cutting and work, then flip the board and keep one side unblemished for display.  If feet are wanted I can add them.